Saturday, February 7, 2009

ETP...another interesting weekend..

Assalamualaikum / Good Day.....
It was a weekend with a purpose. Being one of the panels for the Kuala Terengganu English Theme Park (ETP), I was asked to attend a workshop held at the Tok Jiring Teacher Activity Centre (PKG).

Joining forces with 10 other committee members, we put our heads together and come up with a program that will help the primary and secondary school students within our vicinity to acquire English Language better. This is done through lots of activities outlined such as art attack, storytelling, book talk and drama classes.

Books that were purchased during our trip to KL last November are cataloged and arranged neatly for the benefit of the learners.

Contributing ideas and creativity towards the development of ETP is one of my job. Its fun and mind stimulating. Taking charge of Art Attack activities, I will try to come up with suitable modules for primary school students. Its not easy to propose activities that will enable learners to create products while using English. One of the best ways is to refer to art books written in English and simplify the instructions. We hoped that learners will be able to comprehend and complete the tasks given.

Two other ETP panels were busy cracking their heads in producing modules for Art Attack. Their commitment and hard work are appreciated.

Other panel members are busy with their tasks. Planning the schedules, creating modules, sketching, decorating, listing down facilities and equipment needed, sketches for the landscape and setting up a blog for ETP.

Cooperation and coordination among panel members would see the ETP programme running as planned. We hope that the objectives of setting up the park will be achieved and the young learners would benefit from ETP.
End of the day, we would be proud to see these learners growing up mastering the language with the help of ETP.
Kudos ETP panel members!

Beib hopes that the learners will make full use of the ..
facilities at the centr E
for their own benefi T
and able to communicate in English with its hel P

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