Sunday, May 20, 2007


Assalamualaikum / Good Day.....
It has been a hectic week. We celebrated the "TEACHER's DAY" on Wednesday while the students are in the midst of battling their wits, cracking and banging their heads looking for that elusive answers. They are sitting for their OTI examination for God sake! But a break on the 16th May was a really big relieved for the kids.
For us the academic staffs, every day is a frantic day, be it morning or afternoon. Preparations for the exam, supervising and invigilating the classes involved, takes a lot of our energy. We have to make sure that the exam runs smoothly so we have to run from one block to the other so as not to leave the class vacant too long as teachers begin to move from one room to the other during the change of class... Anyway, its one way of shedding that 'spare tyre' and keeping us fit while accomplishing our professional duties.
A break for us on Friday, and Saturday, we are back in school again attending a short course, Kursus Dalam Perkhidmatan(KUDAP). Attendance? Compulsory.

Our Boss, Pn Hjh Jamnah (Kak Jam) and Hjh Azizah 'mousing' around..

We have 2 slots of lectures cum hands on activities. Interesting talk on Innovations in Teaching by Mr Mohd Nayan b. Ibrahim from the Inspectorate of Schools (JNS). The two hour talk was very refreshing and informative.

Camera conscious 'newbies' ladies

After a short break, it was another hands on activity in the Computer Lab. Basic Power Point for those who are not familiar with.

Me?'s back to basics...

Beib says this to his colleagues...

a refreshing tal K

for me and yo U
at least we learne
new program using our lap to P

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