Thursday, November 19, 2009

Papa....See...Lima A

You make us proud....
missyana and her tight buddy, Buha
Way to go girls..!

Assalamualaikum / Good Day.....

Its a proud day for all of us, the whole family, and especially Adeq a.k.a. Missyana of Objekpetop. Finally, she got her UPSR result after patiently waiting for about 50 days.
Yes, your guess is as good as mine. It's marvellous. The feeling is great.

Her nervousness and butterflies diminished when the result was announced. All her wreck nerve feelings were expressed here and here. It is a great day for her. She live up to her reputation and expectation. All are expressed here, sweet taste of success.

I did mention about her in this entry with these words....
I'm positively sure that you'll get through with ease.
Your preparedness and confidence will see you through.

I knew that she would perform because of her great effort and commitment.
I thank ALLAH for that. Alhamdulillah.

Adeq... Papa, Mama, all the family members and friends are proud of you. This is just a beginning of a bigger test and challenge which you will come across later in your life.

The suspense, tense and butterflies that you feel were the same as what I felt but in a different situation. I'm in no way to disclose it here. Its inside me, between me and someone.

FYI my sweetie, Adeq, I'm also waiting to get my dues and if I do, we will celebrate even merrier. Just be patient. The results will be out in a few weeks time. Let's pray for the best.
For now, lets enjoy and cherish the moment.

Beib is proud of his sweet...
... little girl who is very happy toda Y
managed to secure 5 A's
in her UPSR and having a big pla N
to further her studies at SESM A
*SESMA: SM Sains Sultan Mahmud,KT - I was one of the staffs in the early 80's


DrSam said...

Big congratulation to Yana! Go chase your dream girl...

BEiB said...

DrSam..Thanks on behalf.
Her dream is my dream...
Your words will spur her...