Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All the BEST...Adeq: Objekpetop

She's grown up...

Assalamualaikum / Good Day.....
its your turn. Every member of the family has gone through this with flying colours and I don't have any doubt about you.
The classes (extra and tution classes) that you have attended makes you a well prepared person.
We - all in the family- will always doa for your success.
This is just a beginning. More will be coming but I'm positively sure that you'll get through with ease.
Your preparedness and confidence will see you through.


Make us proud!
in your UPSR
May ALLAH bless you, always

Like what you did here.

My youngest and talented baby.
Read about her ramblings here.

Beib's one and only....

...bab Y
who's grown up as tall as Pap A
will be sitting for the UPSR examinatio N
that's my sweetheart, SYAZAN A
* Be the BEST in watever field you are in...


azza_irah said...

gud luck utk adeq..
btuah punya papa n mama yang begitu prihatin..

BEiB said...

Terima kasih bg pihak Adeq.
pertama kali menghadapi peperiksaan awam perlukan suntikan semangat,sokongan dan dorongan dari insan-insan disisi serta di luar sana spt anda.
Terima kasih..

misspqa said...

it's UPSR, not PMR la.
acik whose the one taking PMR dis yr..

BEiB said...

got mixup...heheh
Thanks for the info...