Tuesday, October 14, 2008

World class guests at Beib's

Alycin Hayes
Assalamualaikum / Good Day.....
It's confirmed!
Two unexpected guests will be arriving at my place this Friday 17 October, all the way from Florida, USA and Ontario, Canada.
There was a little bit of confusion and miscommunication about the flight scheduled but we managed to sought it out via a few personal e-mails and wall postings on the facebook.
Alycin Hayes, a globe trotter percussionist, who advocates Inner Rhythm Healing, will arrive in the morning from Florida and will be with my family for about 3 weeks. She will be on hand helping the Canadian Endurance team during the FEI World Endurance Championship 2008 which will be held from 5-9 November 2008 at the Terengganu International Endurance Park, Lembah Bidong, Setiu.
In this event, 142 horses and their riders from 34 countries will be participating to battle for the title.

One of them is her good friend, Ruth Sturley, a Canadian who will be riding Rbf Super Sport. She will be staying with my family too for part of the time before she checks in with the Canadian team at the Permai Inn, KT.
Its a great honour to have two world renown figures in their own fields staying and mingling with my family for nearly a month.
I do not want to say more about them but you can read about Alycin here and about Ruth here.
Beib feels excited and thrilled to have two world class guests for the...
event hosted by a fe W
at one of the top endurance venu E
for the WE C


azza_irah said...

bisnes makin maju..

makin bz la ek..

BEiB said...

Kenalan makin ramai..
itu yg penting..
bz macam biasa..