Saturday, March 7, 2009

Going back to Trengganu

My companion during my trip back home

Assalamualaikum / Good Day.....
It was a hectic and fatigue week.
The meeting attended was a meaningful one. I am proud of being one of those few who were selected to ascertain the best for the nation's young.
Being selected as one of the panels, was a big compliment. My signature on the dotted lines of the final report was the prove of my involvement and commitment.
I could held my head high and say to myself that I've done my best in the interest of the Malaysian education.
Anyway, the final decision of the chosen reading materials will depend on the approval of the relevant authorities.
As part of the system, I contributed.
I have done my part. The best to my knowledge.
On my way home, I pondered.
Will that be the last?
I kept saying to myself that I want more.
It doesn't matter if I'm just a 'dot' in a 300 paged novel.
But equally satisfying is that, along the way I made friends and knowledge is shared.I'm going back home with Awang Goneng's in my hand which will be full in my head in days to come.

Beib contributed to the nation and feels very...

proud and fortunat E
to be selected as a pane L
among millions in Malaysi A
to complete an assignmen T
assessing specific volum E
of the materials that students will rea D


amiechomel said...

hi ckg habeeb, just dropping by... hope you remember me... by the way, i've read Awang Goneng's book last year. It was a great read!

BEiB said...

Its a great book and a good read...
Keep coming..