Sunday, October 31, 2010

Phrase: So Lovely...

 mekar dipangkal ~ sekadar hiasan
Assalamualaikum / Peace be upon you... 

This is an interesting mail that i got from a friend of mine. All this while I never realize and I don't know the real meaning of these words......
Hopefully it gives us some insight of the true meaning of these lovely words...


WHY does a man want to have a WIFE?


WHY does a woman want to have a HUSBAND?


Do you know that a simple 'HELLO' can be a sweet one? Especially from the one that you love.(not only from the boyfriend/girlfriend).

The word HeLLo means :
(H)ow are you?
(E)verything all right?
(L)ike to hear from you
(L)ove to see you soon!
(O)bviously, I miss you...

Beib really hope that we will be more careful with...

... whatever we say no W
 because it will be used later t O
find the truth by him or he R
 to check our misdee D
 which will subsequently make us swallow our word S

*Still remember the song HELLO by Lionel Richie..
'Cause I wonder where you are
And I wonder what you do
Are you somewhere feeling lonely...
or is someone loving you?

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