Monday, July 23, 2007

Eye opener

EST panel members from Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan
Assalamualaikum / Good Day.....
Last week, after coming back from Kajang/KL I was asked to attend a meeting/workshop on Program Peningkatan Penggunaan Buku Teks KBSM Tahun 2007 -"Making the most of the textbook" at Primula Beach Resort, KT from 17 th - 19th July.
We, Eastern zone EST (English for Science and Technology) teachers, were exposed to textbook materials which could be modified and adapted to suit the students need.
The perfect textbook does not exist.There is a need for adaptation O’Neil,Robert (1982).
For textbook materials to be most effective they should be:
• Integrated
• Communicative
• Adapted
No textbook can expect to appeal to all teachers or learners at a particular level. There is a basic need for choice and variety not only in teaching-style and learning opportunity but also in the style and approach of materials available.
A great deal of improvisation, amendment, supplementation is necessary according to abilities, needs and interest of learners and preferences of teachers or by providing appropriate guidance and support for teachers in how to use the materials in the textbook effectively.
Materials in the textbook can seldom be used without some form of adaptation to make them more suitable for the particular context in which they will be used. This adaptation may take a variety of forms:

  • Modifying materials
  • Adding or deleting materials
  • Reorganizing materials
  • Addressing omissions
  • Modifying tasks
  • Extending tasks

In order to develop the intellectual capacities of our students we need to focus on a framework that will enhance the thinking skill.

As a whole, we have to come up with exciting strategies for Creating the 21st Century Classroom.
It was an eye opener, but right now I'm opening my luggage again, packing and heading for another meeting in Kota Bharu (23rd-26th July)...

Beib believes that....
Educators need to be creativ E
with exciting strategie S
and meaningful knowledge to be taugh T

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